S&S Custom Kitchen is a reflection of both the passion and sincerity of its owner, Frank Similia. I chose to work in this kitchen industry because I grew up in this industry from trade school carpentry to remodeling and installing kitchens. This discipline and training gave me the skills to translate design opportunities into kitchen accomplishments for my clients. One thing I always tell my clients that they just don’t get a designer, but a designer who knows how to put it together. So when I design I’m actually installing the kitchen at the same time making sure it works. That translates into trust for my clients and fewer problems with installation.

Yet I always remember my first responsibility is to fulfill the wishes of the people who live in the home.I am not a salesman but I am designer, somebody you invite in your home and trust to analyze your taste or to give ideas of the latest style trends. I’m somebody you trust to take in all the little details, to recognize what it is that makes your personal style unique and to connect in a way that I am able to be your instrument for making your kitchen dream come true. When it’s all said and done, I look back at the before and after pictures and its an amazing transformation. Then I look at my client, their happy and smiling, feeling all the joy that comes with a new kitchen. What a wonderful job I have. I really love what I do and I like you to be the next one.