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7 Ideas for Making a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

7 Ideas for Making a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

The kitchen is where everyone in the family spends a lot of time, so it’s no surprise that you want it to feel welcoming and warm. However, dark and dingy rooms are not what you would call welcoming. If you have a small kitchen and cannot make extensive renovations to make it bigger, you can still try some minor changes to make your kitchen look spacious. 

Here are some clever tips to make your kitchen look bigger and roomier that it actually is!

Change the color

Colors play a vital role in one’s perception of spaces. Changing the color of your kitchen to plain white can make it look more spacious and inviting. It is an inexpensive way to make your kitchen look larger. White is also an evergreen trendy color choice for kitchens and helps you keep the place cleaner. 

Introduce geometric patterns

Geometric patterns add lines and angles to your kitchen, making it look larger. You can introduce tablecloths, rugs, cabinet designs, and other things with geometric patterns to achieve the illusion of space. However, you need to be careful not to overdo it as it can have the opposite effect. So balance is the key when trying this idea in your kitchen. 

Add mirrors

Mirrors create an illusion of a larger space in any room. Adding them to your kitchen has the same effect. You can turn one wall of your kitchen into a mirror to make your kitchen look double its size. 

Use see-through elements

Any furniture or items that block the line of sight in your kitchen can make it look smaller than it is. Replacing such furniture or items with see-through elements can make your kitchen look bigger. You can introduce backless chairs or see-through plastic chairs, floating islands and glass pendant lights, and other such features to achieve the desired effects.

Choose reflective surfaces

Most of your existing space is taken up by kitchen surfaces, such as the stove area, the sink, and others. You cannot get rid of them to make more space. However, you can still make it spacious by using reflective materials in these areas. Use high gloss paint for walls and cabinets, along with glass finish tiles and stainless steel appliances to make it look roomier. 

Remove all the clutter

Cluttering an already small space won’t get you any points if you try to make it look bigger. Remove any unnecessary items from your kitchen and adopt a minimalistic style to make the existing space look larger and more spacious. 

Go for open shelves

Closed shelves have advantages, but they make the space look boxed up in a smaller kitchen. Replace some closed cabinets with open and floating shelves in your kitchen to make it look larger. 

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